Careful not to trade one addiction for another after treatment

The world is full of temptation. Some of us can go through life having a cigarette once a year, a few beers a month, some can even experiment with drugs and never feel the need to do it again. If you have already been through addiction and recovery once, then you know your limitations. Most […] Read more »

It’s never too late to get fit and look fabulous

Being physically fit and healthy encompasses a lot of things. It involves how you feel, what you feel and your overall health. Physical fitness and health can’t be measured by muscles and abs alone. In fact, those are not the primary measure of health and fitness. Some of the steps are hidden but quite visible […] Read more »

How I’m trying to save money this year

I have always been a saver. I remember getting money on Easter and Christmas when I was a kid at ten-thirteen years old and thinking, “This will be a great emergency fund!” Yeah, well that emergency fund ran out real quick when I hit college. My second emergency fund that I started when I was […] Read more »

How do you feel about your body

Right now… this VERY second… how do you feel about your body? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you starving it?… or are you filling it with junk? Are you excited to go swimsuit shopping?… or are you dreading the summer months? I think all women go through phases of loving their […] Read more »