About us

It all started 3 years ago when we met at a social media event. The meeting was made to bring bloggers and social media influencers together, for sharing experiences and finding out the latest news in this activity domain. After all, blogging is more than just writing articles. Chance made for us to sit next to each other and, after talking for a while, we discovered that we shared the same interests, as our blogs had similar sections. The event ended at one point, of course, but we decided to keep in touch.

We e-mailed each other for a while, until moving on to talking on the phone. As time passed, we noticed that we spent increasingly more time on the phone, talking about various subjects. Most of them were connected to our blogs, but we also talked about daily events, plans, interests, hobbies, and more. It was really nice to sense the pleasant connection that was growing between the two of us. As you can tell, it was just a matter of time until we decided to see each other again. We had to do a bit of traveling, but to make things easier, we decided to meet halfway. Being able to talk to each other in person was definitely better than our conversations on the phone, so the number of in-person meetings increased over a rather short period. We soon realized that we are better off together than apart.

After months of talking and discovering that we have more in common than we initially thought, we decided to give ourselves a chance. We moved together and, at the same time, we agreed to join our forces when it came to blogging, writing, traveling, and all those incredible details that brought us together in the first place. Of course, each gets to keep our own initial blog, but we also created one that represents us as one, as a couple. Because life in two is an adventure, we have many things to write about in the lines of this blog. Hopefully, you will be willing to join us and be part of our story, as readers and, why not, friends.

We are both enthusiastic people and constantly enjoy discovering not just new things and places, but also new people. So, we warmly encourage you to be part of this blog, not just as a reader, but also as a person that enjoys interacting with us as well. We do write for you to enjoy good reads, but we would like you to share your ideas and thoughts with us as well. We both like to consider our readers part of our friends’ group, so if you like what you read and like who we are, then we are more than glad to have you. Our biggest desire is to give you fun and interesting line to read in the morning, when you enjoy your cup of hot coffee, at noon when you will sip on your tea, or in the evening while relaxing with a glass of your favorite wine. If we managed to do so, it means our hard work and dedication toward this blog was not in vain.

We hope to get to know you better and enjoy every day together, laughing, talking, and sharing experiences through this blog.

Yours truly,

James and Monica